The Problem

Sizing charts are impossible to use! Gain the trust of your shoppers by helping them choose the right size, the first time.


of all clothing bought online gets returned to the retailer


of all shoppers buy more than one size of the same item and return what doesn't fit

Our Solution

Shopviews offers a simple solution to benefit you and your shoppers.


Shoppers upload photos

Shopviews collects photos of your products from your customers and analyzes feedback about how your items fit.



Future shoppers get more information on products

Your next shopper benefits from this sizing feedback, leaving you with less product returns to handle down the line.  Studies show that products with honest reviews see sales increase by gaining the trust of wary potential customer.



Reviewers receive discounts for your store

 Our merchants have the freedom to set and change promotions to reflect the changing needs of the store. Shopviews helps merchants win repeat, loyal customers with our incentives platform.


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